An Introduction

Hello, I’m Mr Mid and this is my awesome blog.

I get excited about stuff, geeky stuff mostly, stuff that might make some people go ‘Sad bastard’ and others go ‘Dude! I know right?!’. So, an outlet in which to creatively articulate how much i dig/loathe a certain thing has been something i have thought about doing for quite a while now. It is spurred primarily by my need to loudly proclaim my thoughts on music, film, TV and that. Now, whether people wish to listen to, or in this case, read it? that’s another matter entirely. Hopefully i will write about these subjects in such a way that is at least engaging, possibly amusing, and maybe, just maybe, at times interesting, even if you don’t agree with a word i am saying.

I am open to requests and all other forms of input on what to cover on the blog, you can post any requests in the comments section or the links provided.




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