The internet seems to be going into some state of meltdown now the first reviews of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters have started to appear, people seem angry about the decent to good reviews it is receiving and are calling foul. They must being paying for these reviews yeah? It couldn’t be *gasp* not as bad as we were expecting?!

I can’t remember a film in recent memory that has had so many, quite frankly, disgraceful, insulting and derogatory things said about those involved in it’s production. At that point no one had seen it, hell, this was even before THAT trailer dropped and the real unpleasant comments started to do the rounds.

As much as the naysayers are denying it, the problem really does seem to stem from 3 different points of contention 

1. They are women. 

2. This is messing with gilded childhood memories of nostalgia.

 3. It’s a remake and remakes are terrible, dirty, bad things.

To address each of these points from a personal standpoint, 

1. The most ardently denied point from fan boys for the sake of not looking like a bit of a tit. I don’t personally have any problem with females being cast as Ghostbusters. I can’t really understand personality why there would be an issue with this point that could justify this other than possibly not liking the casting choices, which is fair enough. Anything past that, I have trouble seeing the argument without it looking a bit, well, intolerant.

2. This one is quite simple, don’t watch it. If the thought of ladies in proton packs bothers you so much, this probably ain’t for you. It also probably doesn’t require you taking to every comment section you can find to vent how evil this film and all involved in its production are either, no one cares.

3. ‘Remakes are terrible, cynical moneymaking tools, they NEVER turn out well!’ Well, that isn’t strictly true, there have been a number of remakes I feel could be argued as being of merit, The Thing, Scarface, The Fly, Little shop of Horrors, Dawn of the dead, Invasion of the body snatchers, Oceans 11, Cape Fear, The Birdcage, King Kong. A handful of those films I would arguably say are more greatly revered than their original.

If you have seen the movie, didn’t like it for legitimate reasons then fair enough, more power to ya. You are one of the good guys, you came to a informed decision on the film rather than internet flaming. However if you haven’t seen it and have no intention of seeing it then how can you judge a movie accurately? By either your own misguided prejudices of a new direction of a familiar story or the remake argument? Don’t expect to be A.listened to without lookin like a bit of a d-bag and B.taken seriously, it is unimaginative and can be picked apart to the real crux of the matter. 

I have never, and will never, pass judgment on a film until I have seen it. I will not loudly and churlishly trash a film in a written piece until I have given it the once, and in some cases, twice over. You will not get that from me on this blog.

I will be going to see this film this week and a honest, unbiased review shall be up before the end of the week.

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