Damn Good Coffee: The Draw of Twin Peaks

Out of all the TV comebacks to be announced in the last decade, there is one that truly made me excited to hear about, it actually had me punching the air, the return to Twin Peaks.

On October 3rd 2014, Director David Lynch posted a cryptic tweet that lead many fans to believe their beloved show was returning some 25 years after it left us with THAT cliffhanger (How’s Annie?! *shudder*). 

It took little time for the theory to be confirmed that Twin Peak was indeed going to return to our screens. But what was it about this odd proposition of a show that drew us in in the first place?

It’s not immediately accessible, it requires some effort on the part of the viewer to warm to the strange eccentricities of the inhabitants of this small logging town. Seriously, try and sell the idea of the Log Lady, the inhabitants of the black lodge or garmonbozia to a newcomer, someone not au fait with the writing style of David Lynch and they’ll most likely run a mile. It instead requires a certain degree of investment on the part of the viewer to warm to these, in some cases, downright weird people, situations and dark secrets that lurk in this secluded locale. 

A good draw is that fact that at heart the show is a good old fashioned murder mystery on its surface, something that is quite hard to resist if handled deftly, which it certainly was by Lynch, keeping his audience returning week after week as more layers of this deeply concerning onion of a town were shed to reveal new more intriguing secrets which do kind of make you inevitably realise this shows draw, that the murder is just a McGuffin, a devise to draw us into the real heart of the show, the interactions between these people. Cooper, Harry, Leyland, Laura, Audrey, Ben, Bob and all the other residents of this town (or nearest dimension) are what had us tuning in each week, these believable unbelievable people and their lives, and they are what will have us tuning in again when it returns to our screens next year.


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