Bustin’ makes me feel GOOD!


Cert: 12A

Directed by Paul Fieg.

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth.
Alright let’s get this out of the way immediately, The new Ghostbusters movie is great! After a hate campaign like nothing I have ever seen in cinema, it is with some degree of satisfaction and a great deal of vindication for those involved in its production that I can say that. Being a fan of a beloved franchise does not automatically give you carte blanche to throw your toys out of the pram in the most derogatory fashion you can think of because someone has apparently slighted your childhood, it’s even more ridiculous when the chief reason for the animosity is a complete non-issue such as the sex of the protagonists coupled with the fact you haven’t seen the actual film in question, which is an absolute hoot by the way. But less on the naysayers, they’ve already had enough column inches from me on a previous entry.

I was fully aware going into this film of not really knowing what to expect. After a fairly uninspired trailer (that does not do the film justice at all) and with niggling doubts, I did admittedly approach this film with a small amount of trepidation. Would that need for the knowing, witty nostalgia of the 80’s classic tarnish the sheen of this remarkably good looking picture?

The story roughly keeps to the ideas of the original film in concept, a group of 3 scientists and 1 outsider go into the paranormal investigation business, enter big bad and it’s up to these kick-ass ladies to save the world. There are enough differences in the stories for this film pass on its own steam admirably.

I was a little concerned about how well the cast would gel onscreen. They are all awesome in this movie! The already proven McCarthy & Wiig are great, a surprise for me with McCarthy who usually annoys the hell out of me. Special shout outs have to go to present Saturday Night Live alumni, Leslie Jones & Kate McKinnon, these ladies have some fierce comedic timing & are both destined for more widespread success and the comedy revelation that is Chris Hemsworth, delivering a performance that succeeded in having me laughing out loud like an idiot on more than one occasion. 

The cameos in the film, Living and dead do feel a little shoehorned, like Paul Fieg is elbowing you in the ribs going “hey *wink* see what I did there?!” but not so much as to completely annoy you or ruin the film, more elicit a knowing smirk.

I chose to watch Ghostbusters in 3D IMAX, it was a VERY good choice. Not only is this a very pretty film, the ghost & proton stream effects are pretty damn awesome to be fair, This film is also a brilliant showcase for the wonders of 3D & IMAX films. The 3D elements really do seem to come out of the screen. Yes, I am aware they are supposed to do that, I have just never seen it used so effectively. I’m talking ghosts & proton streams actually breaking the edges of the screen, it is an incredibly immersive feeling and some really nice, more subtle effects are also present. With the scale, resolution and sound of IMAX, it really does make it a spectacle. Possibly the best use of 3D IMAX I have personally seen. 

The only thing that had me rolling my eyes was the god awful reworking of the ghostbusters theme by Fall Out Boy, it truly is awful. Other than that, I do struggle to pick out many things that particularly annoyed me with this film.

Like a review I a wrote a week or so ago on the return of Blink182, this film didn’t have to be as good as it was, it could have played up to the fan boys expectations and been a total hack job, but it isn’t. It is a funny, well cast, well paced, beautiful to look at, and most importantly, FUN popcorn romp that I would wholeheartedly recommend you see. If you can, try to watch this film in 3D IMAX, it’s is totally worth the extra money to have your jaw dropped a little and see a good film at the same time. 


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