Back in the New York groove: NXT Takeover: Brooklyn highlights.

NOTICE* I try to keep my posts as spoiler-free as possible but there may be some references to match results, reader discretion is advised.

NXT can seemingly do no wrong these days, a brand that continues to go from strength to strength, putting on sterling PPV’s one after the next. We on Saturday saw NXT return to the site of arguably one of their greatest triumphs, the Barclays centre in Brooklyn New York. I’m no sporting commentator so I will focus on the PPV’s high points from each match which were plentiful. 

Austin Aries Vs No Way Jose: Singles match.

Aries took the win with the Last Chancery, applying it again after his win to be interrupted by Hideo Itami walking out and subsequently giving Aries a GTS setting up a new feud.

Ember Moon Vs Billie Kay: Singles match.

Has to be Moon taking the win with a really frickin impressive midair spinning stunner from the damn turnbuckle, it looked the balls!

Bobbie Roode Vs Andrade “Cien” Almas. Singles match.

GLORIOUS!! Need I say more? What an entrance, the crowd were popping like mad and singing every word.

The Revival Vs Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano: NXT Tag Team Title match.

The pop at that false finish, says a lot for what the fans feel for Ciampa & Gargano. Garganos spear through the ropes was pretty damn sweet also. A contender for match of the night.

Asuka Vs Bailey: NXT Women’s Title match.

Class match, pretty hard to actually pull out just one highlight to be honest, back and forth from both all match to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Looked to be Baileys last for NXT. If so, it was one hell of a swan song. 

Samoa Joe Vs Shinsuke Nakamura: NXT Title match.

Nakamura’s entrance, Wow! Goosebump inducing. Also the 2 Kinshasa’s to Joe looked brutal, that first one was haggard as hell, it looked like it could have ripped his head off.  

It was another solid Takeover in New York, maybe not quite as spectacular as the first but still pretty damn amazing. Summerslam better deliver after this because NXT brought it again.


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