Seeing Red: My thoughts on Summerslam 2016 

When the WWE comes to New York, you know the crowd are going to be vocal. Most times, that’s a good thing, Pops seem greater when their louder and there’s that raucous big fight feeling. Sometimes the crowd can be unbearable smarks and can flat out ruin a match. Both of these things occurred at this years Summerslam. Here’s my high and unfortunately low lights (which I wasn’t going to include but feel it was needed) of this years event.

Jeri-KO Vs Enzo & Cass: Tag Match.

Great choice for a show opener as all the guys in the ring are off the chain brilliant, Jericho & Owens made a great tag team to be fair. The assisted code breaker at the end was awesome. Made for a solid enjoyable match.

Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks: Women’s Title

Aw man, some nasty botches in this match, Sasha is very lucky to not be seriously hurt after being dropped from the turnbuckle onto her head and again in the landing from the razors edge off the turnbuckle. The match was great but I couldn’t help but feel really a little uneasy after those mistakes.

The Miz Vs Apollo Crews: Intercontinental Title.

Not a particularly memorable match, felt awfully throwaway and like it was just used to fill in 5 minutes. Crews came across well though all things considered.

AJ Styles Vs John Cena: Singles match.

Match of the night, was pretty incredible to be fair, the shear amount of back and forth between the two and amount of near falls building the crowd to fever pitch. Styles being put over clean was a very welcome surprise.

Gallows & Anderson Vs New Day: Tag Team Titles.

A silly but fun throwaway match with Jon Stewart in the corner of New Day, still managed to get a few nice pops.

Dean Ambrose Vs Dolph Ziggler: WWE Title.

The first time in the PPV that the crowd started to annoy me, disrespectful and uncalled for chants of ‘boring’, the same crowd that probably angrily tapped away on keyboards how Ziggler and Ambrose were overlooked talents. The match wasn’t on the level of Cena V Styles but it certainly didn’t deserve the crowd acting in this way, very frustrating as this will likely affect both of these guys standing.

Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss & Natalya Vs Becky Lynch, Naomi & Camella: Six Woman Tag match.

Big pop for the return of Nikki Bella taking Eva Marie’s spot in the tag match. Becky Lynch pretty much stole the rest of the limelight technically speaking, being her usual fantastic self though massively underused. Unfortunately that was pretty much it in a missed opportunity of a match.

Finn Balor Vs Seth Rollins: Universal Title match.

The fan reaction during the early part of this match was nothing short of shameful. Jeering over a great match because of the way a belt looks is the very height of disrespect to two guys who are the hottest properties in the whole damn company, essentially telling them in no uncertain terms that the belt they are fighting for is garbage. Balor & Rollins put on a hell of a match, not allowing idiot smarks put them off their game. Very happy Balor took the win, very much deserved. Not that it matters but I thought the belt looked great as its, y’now, exactly the same as the WWE & Woman’s belts but RED!? 

Rusev Vs Roman Reigns: US Title match.

Not so much a match but an excuse to build a feud with Rusev receiving a beat down from Reigns that kind of resembled a drunk Saturday night up town with a team of refs trying to tell Reigns “it’s not worth it, go home, you’re drunk!” resulting in the match being called off. I think I understand why they have done it and as long as it eventually does go somewhere, I don’t mind that.

Brock Lesner Vs Randy Orton: Singles match.

Brutal, in a word. I don’t think Brock took that “no enhancement” jibe very well. The person with the “Got Juice?” sign on Brocks walk to the ring was VERY lucky Lesner didn’t see it. Randy got a few nice spots in before it felt like Brock went off script and stiffened up every strike he landed on Orton until an string of elbows drew blood. Again not really a match, more of a beat down. So hard to tell just how much of this was scripted due to the amount of blood and the brutality on display from Lesner. If it was a work, it’s probably one of the more daring WWE have gone with in a long while.

In all it was an enjoyable Summerslam, the most irritating thing being a contingent of the supposed fans devaluating two hard fought for championship matches with sickening degrees of self entitlement. The card I feel was a little too long and could have done removing a match or two and lengthening a few of the others.

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