My Top 5 Star Trek Movies: A 50th Anniversary special.

Today is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. I thought I would mark the occasion with something I have been planning on starting for a while, an inaugural Top 5 list. Here are my personal Top 5 Star Trek movies to date. Here we go.

5.Star Trek: Beyond

Or where Star Trek learned to be fun again. After much fan backlash and gnashing of teeth over Star Trek: Into Darkness, (which I don’t hate incidentally. If there was a number 6, Into Darkness would be it) the decision was made to go back to basics, keep it simple, lighten up a little and keep it fun. The latest instalment in the Trek franchise is a classic TOS feeling romp. I wrote a review for this film a month or so ago, feel free to see what I thought in more detail.

4. Star Trek

The franchise was pretty much scuppered by two lacklustre outings in a row with Star Trek: Insurrection & Star Trek: Nemesis, not returning to our cinema screens for another 7 years. Star Trek returned with this reboot of the franchise that was brilliantly handled. Taking us on a story combining elements of the original Star Trek franchise and passing the torch over to the new, Trek felt fresh, reinvigorated and looked great. 

3. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

After the embarrassingly awful Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the original cast did thankfully get the send off they deserved. The last Star Trek film to star all TOS cast, Undiscovered country was a worthy swan-song. A tale of deception and espionage against the backdrop of an historic peace accord with the Klingon empire. Undiscovered country felt like it mattered, like it was bowing out with something substantial to the mythos of the show whilst also giving the cast a classy and worthy film to bow out with.

2. Star Trek: First Contact.

The second cinema outing for TNG cast, this was much more on target than the decidedly ropey Star Trek: Generations. Putting fan favourite Star Trek villains The Borg up on the big screen was a no brainier for cinematic gold. A new attitude, a new ship, exciting, action-packed, brilliantly written and superbly casted. Not many Trek films could best this, well, maybe one.

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.

Star Trek didn’t have a very strong start with its cinematic outings, Star Trek: The Motion Picture was dull, convoluted and lifeless but thankfully, lucrative, enough to illicit a sequel. The second Trek movie is undoubtedly the best made to this point. Everyone’s favourite Star Trek film has it all, a returning classic Trek villain, an expertly crafted story of revenge, benchmarks in traditional visual effect work that still stand up today and one of the greatest shock endings of all time. Nuff said.

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