Album Review: Skinny Lister- The Devil, The Heart & The Fight.

Skinny Lister are possibly going to be your new favourite band. I defy anyone to not appreciate their brand of infectious, singalong folk inspired punk. They first appeared on my raider last year when my mate informed me that “you have to hear this band” and pointed me in the direction of their newly released second album ‘Down On Depford Broadway’, I did a little research and became aware they were an Xtra Mile band, a record label that has cultivated some of the strongest acts around, Reuben, Frank Turner, Against Me!, the list goes on and it is long, suffice to say I hear Xtra Mile and my interest is already piqued. I was instantly an evangelical convert. The album wouldn’t be far from my turntable for the next year and I also saw them live supporting Frank Turner, they are just as impressive onstage as on record.

The Devil, The Heart & The Fight is the bands third album and they haven’t lost any of their fire from the previous two. Opening strong with the infectious ‘Wanted’, this is an album that has you in the palm of its hand right from the first track. I had intended to focus on standout tracks from the record but no word of a lie, every track is a standout track, it really is a phenomenal body of work. From the folk-punk stomp of Geordie Boy & Injuries, the dialled down lead vocals of band member Lorna Thomas on the track ‘Devil In Me’, to the full on shanty singalong of ‘Beat It From The Chest’, it is a startlingly assured album from start to finish. 

I’m not usually in the business of handing out scores, however, This album is a 5 for 5, 10 out of 10, stone cold classic. If this is what Skinny Lister come up with this early in their career, their future is so bright they’re gonna need shades.

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