Bulls**t Artist! A The Greasy Strangler review.

Directed by: Jim Hosking

Starring: Michael St Michaels, Sky Elobar, Elizabeth DeRazzo

This is a deeply odd film, that is probably self-evident, but this film absolutely revels in bad acting, the absurd, the disgusting, the sleezy and the wonders of repetition.

Big Ronnie & Big Brayden are a father and son who live together and hold disco tours of their town to make a living, soon the two are pit against each other for the affections of a woman who one day takes their tour. The town has also at this time become the stalking ground of a serial killer who slathers himself in cooking grease, as you do.

This film will bug the living hell out of some and absolutely slay others, The acting is deliberately bad and very awkwardly delivered at time lingering on or repeating a subject ad nauseum to the hilarity or complete annoyance of the viewer. The sense of humour present is very weird with oddly British sensibilities I thought. It’s a style of film making that brings to mind the works of John Waters and to an extent, Harmony Korine.

The acting is very hard to gauge in this film as to if the actors are completely aware of how bad they are, which if they are, they deserve an Oscar in naturalistic bad acting. The amazingly monikered Michael St Michaels plays Big Ronnie, a man with equal obsessions in disco, coarse language, bodily emissions and greasy food. He is an horrific gargoyle of a man who elicits uncomfortable seat squirming as much as laughs, verbally bashing his ‘bullshit artist’ man-child son Big Brayden played by Sky Elobar, kind of like a young Jeffery Tambor with a penchant for pink short shorts/jumper combos.

The insanity on screen is backed by an equally whacked out synth soundtrack by Andrew Hung. It is as odd as the film it accompanies so in it’s own way is utterly perfect.

Whether you enjoy The Greasy Strangler or not is kinda dependant in how odd your sense of humour is and how strong your stomach is. You will laugh and you won’t really know why, you will feel uncomfortable for a variety of reasons and one thing about viewing this film is a definite, you will not forget it.


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