Top 5 Ghost Movies: A Halloween special.

It’s that time of year again, personally one of my favourites. To mark the occasion I have put together this Halloween Top 5 Ghost movies to give you inspiration on what to watch this Halloween night. To continue with a previous addiction to the format of the Top 5, from this list onward there will be one honourable mention in every list, a film that was a hairs breadth away from making the top 5 and I feel deserved a mention anyway. So, without further ado, on with the Top 5 Ghost Movies.

Honourable mention: The Innkeepers

This little known independent spooker from director Ti West deserves my honourable mention. Concerning the staff/would be paranormal investigators who work at The Yankee Peddler Inn who are determined to locate and make contact with the ghost of a bride who committed suicide there. The Innkeepers is an effective indie take on the ghost story formula on a budget, humour mixed with damn good creep inducing atmosphere make for a worthwhile watch.

5: Ju On- The Grudge.

The original Japanese version of The Grudge makes it to my list for it goosebump inducing Ghosts, a mother and son pairing who are as odd as they are terrifying, signalling there arrival with croaking & mewing sounds respectively. Kayako with her wide eyes, deathly pallor and jerky movements made for shear nightmare fuel. You aren’t even safe from them in that one place where everyone hides for the ghosts & ghoulies, horrid.

4: The Woman In Black.

This chiller from the revived Hammer Studios is incredibly effective at delivering on the slow build of tension in the lead up to it’s scares. A cursed house in the middle of a marsh, a doubting outsider, a mysterious apparition of a Woman in Black proceeding impending tragedy. This film based on a popular book & play was a massive departure for star Daniel Radcliffe, mainly known before this for his part in the Harry Potter franchise, and one that paid off. A classy old school chiller.

3: The Sixth Sense.

It may only pack a punch the first time you see it, unaware of THAT twist, but The Sixth Sense still to this day stands up as one of the greatest ghost movies of all time. From director M. Night Shymalan (remember him?) this story of a troubled young boy who can see the dead succeeded to chill us upon its release nearly two decades ago. 

2: The Devils Backbone.

This classy turn from director Guillermo Del Toro is a slow burner with a massive payoff, one of the most revered and respected ghost stories of the 00’s and for good reason. Del Toro knows how to expertly weave a good ghost story, a feat he has pulled off again recently with Crimson Peak. Set during the Spanish civil war and focusing on the events in a school for those orphaned by the conflict and the ghost of a young boy who haunts it’s grounds.

1: The Shining.

The Daddy of scary movies, a work of twisted, inspired fiction from the minds of two masters of their craft, author Stephen King and the film’s director Stanley Kubrick. Featuring a film stealing performance from Jack Nicholson, possibly one of the finest of his career, the film is a haunted house on rails, taking you from one scare after the next, not one delivered cheaply or without care in its set up. With iconic imagery by the bucket load and a story to die for, it is quite clear to see why this tops my list.


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