Wales Comic-Con: Day 2

Here we go, day 2. This is the day I was looking forward to the most
as I get to meet 2 childhood heroes, Michael Biehn & Ric Flair. Day 1 was pretty much full of win, minus a few very minor niggles, let’s see what the final day holds. We arrive at the Con at pretty much the same time as Saturday, we don’t technically have to queue as we already have our weekend wristbands but we gamely wait with a few friends as they wait to get in and soak in the pre-doors atmosphere for a second time. I actually love this part of the Con, meeting and chatting to like minded people, scoping the sweet cosplays and building up the hype before going in.

Firstly its another quick wander around the main hall to make some purchases, my mates pop to get some signings off of Michael Biehn, it makes me more excited for my photo op later on. Today seems just as popular as yesterday, the hall is filling out as people file in to get their autographs. Again, Manu Bennetts queue is huge almost immediately due to people now having weekend wristbands and able to queue from start of play. After a good walk around & browse, we make our purchases and go to our first Q&A. Going to be a bit more back and forth today with a combination of Q&A’s & photo ops. Photo-Op’s are a very popular thing at Wales Comic-Con. Basically a guest or guests pose with the fans for a photo that is later printed off for the attendee to take home with them. A lot of people were being very vocal last night on social media about delays with photo op’s, my view of it is you get in and get your picture taken, relax! You’ll get your photo, maybe not immediately but you will get it. In the past I have popped back for mine on the way to the car as we’re leaving and had no issues whatsoever, anyway, on with the Q&A’s.

First up is Torchwood with Gareth David Lloyd, Naoko Mori & Kai Owens. This Q&A is always popular and almost certainly hilariously inappropriate in the best possible way. It started late unfortunately so we couldn’t stay for the full length as we had to make our way to the Michael Biehn Q&A.

Next up is Michael Biehn’s Q&A. Joined by his wife Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Michael comes across as someone who is very passionate about what he does and this comes across in his replies to the questions he’s asked, going into great detail about his time working on such films as Terminator & Aliens. Jennifer also shows as much enthusiasm for what she does as her husband when talking about her time on Dark Angel and also the production company she runs with Michael. A informative and fascinating Q&A.

We leave Michael Biehn’s Q&A a little early to make our way to the photo op with the man himself. The organisation for Biehn’s photo-op was excellent, military precision even, awesome photo too.

Next up the Ric Flair photo-op, again, impeccable organisation, by the time I come out my Michael Biehn photo is ready. The delays of yesterday don’t seem to be present for me up to this point.

Another brief wait and it’s the GOT cast photo-op, which goes off again for us without a hitch, the only issue with the GOT photo-op is it wasn’t ready for collection when we left but in the grand scheme of things and to quote Meatloaf, two out of three ain’t bad. We will get it eventually and there is no sense in ruining a pretty awesome two days kicking up a stink over one photo we’ll get through the post.

There is enough time for us to catch one more Q&A so we head to the Wrestling Q&A with Ric & Billy again. It was just as good if not better than yesterday’s with Flair regaling the crowd with stories of just how dangerous being a heel can be.

And with that Wales Comic-Con is done for another year. It has been awesome and the staff, many of whom volunteer to do this in their spare time have been amazing and deserve multiple virtual high-five’s & hugs. They have done themselves proud in the face of some technical issues that some Con attendees could not get by without being rather unpleasant to people doing their damnedest under pressure to keep their day as enjoyable as possible, these people are the true heroes of the weekend. The assembled guests have been great, giving entertaining Q&A’s, autographs and photos to the con goers. Same again next year? Hell yes!

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