Top 5 uses of music/song in film.

The use of a piece of music or a particular song in a film can raise the ordinary to the extraordinary, the mundane to the sublime. It can make a scene, hell, in some circumstances it can make the film. This top 5 are my personal picks.

Honourable Mention: Tiny Dancer- Almost Famous.

Cameron Crowe always knows the importance of music in his films to convey with greater emphasis emotion in scenes, this singalong is absolutely perfect in its set up.

5: Wise Up: Magnolia.

How do you end a 3 hour exploration of coincidence and the human condition? With the ensemble cast singalong to end them all.

4: You Make My Dreams Come True: 500 Days Of Summer.

We’ve all had that experience of being in love and the joyous feeling when it’s reciprocated. This fantasy sequence perfectly relays that feeling.

3: Moonriver: Breakfast At Tiffanys.

If ever a song fitted a person perfectly it was this song from Breakfast At Tiffanys. Hepburn wasn’t a perfect singer but this song suited her limited range and her breathy delivery is perfect. Iconic.

2: We Have All The Time In The World: On Her Majesties Secret Service.

This Louis Armstrong Bond theme is used instrumentally to perfect heartbreaking effect in the final scene of the film as Bond is finally revealed as being as fragilely human as the rest of us.

1: In Dreams: Blue Velvet.

Blue Velvet is a film that drips with surreal imagery & menace, this scene pretty much stands up for me as one of the most perfectly used instances of music to convey feeling in a film. Creepy, ethereal and downright scary

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