An Imperium review

Directed by: Daniel Ragussis

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, Nestor Carbonell, Burn Gorman, Devin Druid

When you hear what Imperium is about and who it’s leading man is, your interest is probably already piqued. Come on! Harry Potter: Neo-Nazi? Well, even if that is the sole misguided reason you may be interested in seeing this film, you are still in for a powerful yet rewarding cinematic experience.

Concerning the story of a bright young FBI agent who is tasked with going undercover to monitor white supremacist groups under suspicion of orchestrating a terrorist attack. Daniel Radcliffe shines in this film, he is impeccable in his delivery & conviction of a young man in an impossibility tense and dangerous situation. Brilliant support comes from Toni Collette as Radcliffe’s FBI handler during his time undercover, Homeland actor Tracy Letts as a right-wing online commentator and a cameo from Game Of Thrones Burn Gorman.

This isn’t the only film this year to broach the subject of white supremacy, the equally brilliant Green Room also casting light on an important political issue in these times that I feel couldn’t be anymore relevant. These people and their skewed ideology exist, they are very much real and I think that makes the prospect of films like Imperium all the more unnerving, not just because in this day and age that people still hold ideals like those portrayed in the film but that because the events of the film could so easily occur today also. It certainly makes for an more uncomfortable watch dwelling on this prospect.

Don’t let the heavy subject matter put you off watching Imperium, it is a very powerful and well made film that is certainly worth your time and is a wonderful showcase for Daniel Radcliffe’s considerable acting talents.

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