Spy Vs Spy?: An Allied review.

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis

Starring: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jarred Harris, Matthew Goode, Lizzy Caplin

There is a grand tradition of wartime romance pictures, Casablanca, A Matter Of Life & Death. The English Patient, now comes Allied. Can Robert Zemeckis deliver a worthy addition to a forgotten genre? 

The story tells of spy, Brad Pitt, on a mission behind enemy lines to assassinate the German ambassador with his contact played by Marion Cotillard. The pair must believably pass as husband and wife or risk their cover being blown. With the dawning realisation that they may not make it out of their mission alive, an unlikely romance blossoms, but can the Pittster truly trust his new beau?

A strong cast principle cast has been assembled for Allied, both Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard play their roles gamely, delivering a believable romantic pairing with some real onscreen chemistry. The always brilliant Jarred Harris is on hand as Pitts commanding officer, delivering a performance with authority and gravitas. The supporting cast however feel a little cliched and little more than set dressing, Lizzy Caplin is massively underused as Pitts sister, Matthew Goode looks as though he will deliver a interesting performance as a disfigured comrade of Pitts but it literally in one scene. Most are there to look suitably militaristic and British in the background.

Allied isn’t a bad film, but it’s not necessarily a great one either. The central relationship between Pitt & Cotillard, although teeming with chemistry, feels forced for the sake of storyline. We are expected to suspend disbelief that a seasoned spy would fall head over heels for his contact in a relatively short space of a time, a man who is supposed to be trained to act without emotion for the will of his superiors, just so happened to fall for this one women? I dunno, maybe I’m just being cynical, it’s a writing fault in my personal opinion. On the plus side, the film is absolutely gorgeous to look at and is handled well by veteran director Zemeckis.


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