Top 5 alternate Xmas movies

It’s that time of year again. One of the best parts of the festive season is Christmas movies, with that in mind I have compiled my Top 5 alternative Christmas movies.

Honourable Mention: Krampus.

This pick from 2015 has a great Joe Dante feel to it, in the same vein as Gremlins. Demon Anti-Santa? Count me in.

5: Bad Santa.

Possibly the most un-festive festive film ever. Billy Bob Thornton is the cussing, whoring, sozzled Saint Nick of the title delivering a memorable, massively quotable performance that once seen won’t be forgotten.

4: Die Hard.

It’s a Christmas film ok, it’s set at Christmas, it totally counts. This 1988 actioner sees Bruce Willis’s cop set up against a high rise full of terrorists on Christmas Eve. It gave the world the dirty vest, Alan Rickman’s German accent and ‘Yippie Kay Aye Motherf**ker’, I don’t think it needs more justification than that.

3: Elf.

What was intended as a silly throwaway Christmas film, Elf became a cult phenomenon. You would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen this film, you’d have to look even harder to find someone not won over by its unabashed silliness and good natured cheer.

2: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This utter delight from the mind of Tim Burton should be only everyone’s annual ‘To watch’ list at Xmas. With enough macabre wonders to entice children and adults alike into its strange, skewed world. 

1: Gremlins.

This stone cold 1984 classic from Joe Dante is the ultimate subversive Christmas movie. Cuddly kid-friendly character on one hand, homicidal pint-sized monsters on the other. Small town heartwarming Xmas feels, dead father stuck in chimney story. For every warm fuzzy Xmas trope, there is a dark flipside just around the corner. Perfect.

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