Skinny Lister: Down On Depford Broadway. How to make new fans in 12 easy steps.

Skinny Lister came to my attention about a year or so ago when I saw them support Frank Turner of the first leg of his Positive Songs For Negative People tour, they were an absolute revelation, the kind of band that only comes along once in awhile and you can’t stop enthusing about. Signed to Xtra Mile, a label that seems to exude excellence, the number of bands I adore that call it home grows yearly. The first of their albums I listened to in its entirety was the album they were promoting that day, their sophomore effort Down On Depford Broadway.

Be it singalong shanty Raise A Wreck, a song so insanely catchy you’ll be singing every word after a few listens, Trouble On Oxford Street, any song that features a rhyming couplet of Krakatoa and Rocky Balboa is alright by me, this is an album that grabs right from the first listen. From the folk inspired drinking song George’s Glass, the sublime What Can I Say, Six Whiskies glorious ode to London, Down On Depford Broadway was a bold and brilliant statement of intent from a band destined to win over new converts with their unabashed, heart on sleeve delivery that is undeniably infectious.

Skinny Lister followed this album with the equally brilliant The Devil, The Heart And The Fight which I reviewed a little earlier this year. In the last 12 months Skinny Lister have built upon the rock solid foundations they laid with their first two albums but for me, Down On Depford Broadway will always hold a special place in my heart for introducing me to such a remarkable band.

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