Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em: The rise and fall of Reuben.

In 2008 the announcement was made that Reuben were no more, a band that had spent the better part of the previous 10 years or so cultivating a reputation as one of the hardest working and well respected underground rock bands in the country. Fusing contemporary rock and metal into a glorious, eminently likeable and quintessentially British sound that gained them well deserved praise. With a devoted fan base and serious ground made in expanding that fan base through heavy touring and 3 stunning albums, eventually it all took its toll on the band.

Formed in 1998 by Jamie Lenman and Jon Pearce under the name Angel with drumming duties filled by producer friend Jason Wilson, the band spent their early years demoing and gigging, building up a fan base and body of work that resulted in the Pilot EP. The following few years resulted in some lineup changes with respect to drummers until Jamie & Jon found Guy Davis in the lead up to the release of their debut album, Racecar Is Racecar Backwards, released through U.K. record label Xtra Mile and produced by former drummer Jason Wilson. The band at this time was starting to gain some serious vibes in the industry as a band to watch.

Reuben followed with a second album in 2005, Very Fast Very Dangerous touring it extensively in the U.K. and for the first time, in Europe. It again was very quickly followed by album number 3 In Nothing We Trust in 2007, now released via the bands own Hideous Records. The album was met with a great deal of critical acclaim but with non stop gigging and recording, it eventually took its toll on Reuben. The band announced its indefinite hiatus in June of 2008.

Jon & Guy went on to form Freeze The Atlantic in 2008 with Andy Gilmour of Hundred Reasons and Jamie would continue his career as an illustrator, returning to music in 2013 releasing his solo album Muscle Memory, a part metal/part Jazz/ part folk album which he also toured. It is a real shame that Reuben ended when it did, just as all of their years of hard work were starting to gain them momentum. On the upside, the band released 3 incredible albums and went out on an undeniable high, not many bands get that luxury these days, descending in to bickering and diminished returns. Reuben will always remain a band that burned bright but didn’t fade away.


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