Unfinished Business: A The Exorcist series review.

I was massively apprehensive when I heard that Fox intended to turn The Exorcist into a 10 TV series. It worked perfectly as a contained film, struggled when it came to its sequels. The Heretic was a god awful mess of a film, however, I’ll concede that I personally really like Exorcist 3: Legion, it had something interesting to add to the story as does this series.

The Rance family are troubled by odd occurrences in their home and increasingly erratic and unexplainable behaviour from their young daughter. At their wits end, they seek the help of Father Tomas Ortega, a flawed young priest who with the help of Exorcist Father Brennan, find themselves in a battle with a demon with unfinished business.

The cast of this show were very well selected as a whole, Gena Davis and Alan Ruck as the mother & father were both excellent throughout the run, Davis particularly getting to let loose half way through. Hannah Kasulka plays the besieged Casey Rance wonderfully, her possession scenes being particularly good. The stand out role of the series for me has to go to Ben Daniels, seen recently in Rogue One, as Father Brennan. His portrayal of the world weary and beat down Exorcist seeking redemption is one of the strongest things holding this series together.

With this series, an interesting and captivating way was found to continue and bring closure to the story laid down by William Blatty in an intelligent and arresting episodic format that kept me invested through its 10 episode run. I don’t want to ruin anything this show has to offer, trust me in saying that it gets better and better as the series commences and anyone with a love of the novel and film that it is based on will do very well to give this show a viewing.

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