It’s Business time: The majestic Flight Of The Conchords.

You kinda have to have been living under a rock for the last decade to not have come across Flight Of The Conchords in some way, shape or form, even possibly without knowing. Native New Zealander’s Bret McKenzie & Jemaine Clement between them have two highly revered comedy albums, an Oscar, a Grammy , a slew of film roles and a popular HBO TV series. These cunning Kiwi linguists have firmly rooted themselves in popular culture throughout the noughties and beyond, not bad for a slightly weird but none the less awesome comedy-folk duo from a land with more sheep than people.

Flight Of The Conchords were formed in 1998 by two Victoria University Of Wellington film & theatre students with shared talent for music and comedy. Bret McKenzie & Jemaine Clement performed earlier in a group called So You’re A Man with director Taika Waititi before becoming Flight Of The Conchords and gaining a cult following in Australia & New Zealand in the opening years of the new millennium through extensive touring and TV appearances. In 2004 the pair secured themselves a series on BBC Radio 2 in the U.K which in many ways was a dry run for their eventual HBO series. The radio show had pretty much the same premise as their TV show, featured Rhys Darby as Murray but with the addition of Rob Bryson narrating and British comic Jimmy Carr made an appearance.

Their hard work paid off in 2007 when they secured themselves a show on HBO in the states, it ran for two seasons and was complemented by two albums, the self-titled Flight Of The Conchords and I Told You I Was Freaky, both released by legendary Seattle independent label Sub Pop. Built on a dry sense of humour and an inspired absurdist streak, if you haven’t already heard them, ‘Bowie’, ‘Boom’ and ‘Business Time’ should give you a decent idea of what to expect.

If being in Flight Of The Conchords wasn’t enough for them, both McKenzie & Clement have branched out further afield. Bret wrote songs for The Muppet Movie and won an Oscar for his song ‘Man Or Muppet’, Jemaine has starred in a selection of films, two of which for his ex bandmate Taika Waititi and most recently in Spielberg’s BFG.

A recent reunion tour of the U.S has sparked rumours of a return to the recording studio and even talks of a film, all conjecture but enticing a thought none the less. I for one could certainly go for any new output from this band.


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