A Comedy With Bite: A What We Do In The Shadows review.

Director: Taika Waititi

Starring: Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, Jonathon Brugh, Ben Fransham, Rhys Darby

Taika Waititi is currently enjoying rave reviews for his most recent film, Hunt For The Wilderpeople, and preparing to release Thor- Ragnarok later this year. It is worth remembering however his prior offerings that showcased his tremendous aptitude for laughs and visual spectacle.

What We Do In The Shadows presents itself as a fly on the wall documentary of the lives of a group of vampires living in the modern day city of Wellington, New Zealand, focusing on their relationships with one another and surviving and adapting in the 21st century. Their lives are hampered by a new addition to their number, vampire hunters, the return of one of their ex girlfriends and a group of affirmative action werewolves.

This film is a perfect showcase of the directorial & writing talents of Waititi and his partner on this project, Jemaine Clement. The same spirit of silly yet razor sharp, dryly delivered humour is present alongside a very well crafted story with some utterly fantastic comedic turns, the standouts being Clement’s Dracula inspired Vladislav The Poker and Rhys Darby’s Werewolf patriarch Anton, both delivering some of the films best laugh out loud moments. As well as being a very funny film, visually it is also very striking considering it’s relatively modest budget. Waititi utilises clever camera trickery with digital effects to tremendous effect boding very well for his first big budget blockbuster outing later this year. If this is what Waititi can put together with less than $2 million, I can’t wait to see him let loose with Marvels big bucks behind him.

In all, What We Do In The Shadows is a massively charming, well crafted, beautiful to look at and above all, very funny film. 


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