Chaos Reigns: My thoughts on the aftermath of the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble PPV.

No one wants to admit to smarking at wrestling, no one wants to be that guy, that one guy who apparently knows better than any other fan, writer, or creative consultant involved in the world of sports entertainment. However, there has been one bone of contention coming out of the most recent Royal Rumble event that has a large percentage of the fan base confused & angry, Why are WWE still trying to push Roman Reigns as their new top guy, their face and mouthpiece, their golden boy who will carry the responsibility as a spokesman for a new era? It’s a question a lot of people are struggling to answer.

It is no secret that Roman Reigns has been highly regarded by WWE head honcho Vince McMahon since his early days as a member of The Sheild, the highly successful stable that brought him, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose to prominence. Vince has history in wanting to push the big guys, the giants, the destroyers and the Supermen and why not? They have been staples of sports entertainment since it’s infancy and he is the boss, he can do what he likes right? Except listen to his audience apparently.

Sports entertainment fans are as passionate and vocal a fan base as you could hope to find. They will tear the roof off a building for something they love and be equally as loud for something they don’t. They have been quite vocal about the pushes Roman Reigns has received. They popped for him in The Sheild, cooled to him as a singles competitor and outright turned on him when he became WWE Champion. There are any number of reasons why, some quite valid. They believed his push came too soon and he hadn’t been given enough time to grow and improve his move-set and promo work (which to be fair to the smarks is pretty limited on both counts), they felt he jumped the queue for a push in front of more deserving and ready guys and some, myself included, would attest that he has worked better as a strong dependable mid-card player. Also there are just those people who plain don’t like him because he is “The Guy” and they’d rag on anyone in that position.

Now, the main point of contention at the Rumble I believe is, Reigns had his title shot, he lost, end of story right? Wrongo! Out he comes at number 30 in the Rumble and eliminates The Undertaker?! Say what now?! If you want to get a guy already disliked downright hated WWE creative, that’s how you do it. Maybe that’s the plan, maybe they’ve toyed everything else and are finally going the heel route but I doubt it, it just stank of lazy booking, something becoming more and more prevalent in one of the biggest PPV’s of the year. They reach the road to Wrestlemania, plans are shifted and changed at every turn and in hand with that, hasty re-writes are made and a large percentage just don’t make sense. Why have Strowman interfere in Reigns match if you aren’t going to use that as food for a rivalry? Why set up a completely different rivalry mere hours later? It’s confusing decisions such as these I feel that fuel the animosity toward people like Roman Reigns, through no fault of his own I may add, the guy is just doing his job with what he has. 

I suppose the point I’m trying to make from all of this is, lazy booking is not going to help get a guy over, it’s not going to make people like them more, it’s not going to make people get behind them as a heel, it just pisses off people who expect more from something they feel passionate for, to not feel fobbed off. Going into the biggest event of the year, some serious thought needs to be put into its booking otherwise the smarks shall rise and woe betide those who do not heed their cries.

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