Love Conquers All: A Loving review.

Directed by: Jeff Nichols.

Starring: Joel Edgerton, Ruth Nega, Nick Kroll, Marton Csokas, Michael Shannon.

There are stories when adapted to film that stand out, more so I think when they are true and speak to us on a moral ground that we may feel strongly about. There will be some trite remarks made about films such as Loving & Hidden Figures coming out around award season, that they are cynical ploys in the hunt for award glory, they are unfair and unfounded arguments particularly in the case of Loving.

Richard and Mildred Loving are an interracial couple living in Virginia in the late 1950’s. Due to their state law forbidding them to marry, they travel to Washington to wed. Their marriage is soon discovered upon their return to Virginia setting into motion a decade long battle for the couple to be allowed to live as husband & wife without threat or persecution.

Loving is a brilliantly realised account of the tribulations endured by The Lovings. It is sensitively and expertly handled by Jeff Nicols and his assembled cast, never feeling cliched or laboured, it is a retelling of a landmark case in civil rights history that is engaging and affecting.

Loving boasts some superb acting talent in its leads Joel Edgerton & Ruth Nega. Edgerton’s stoic portrayal of Richard Loving is nuanced and believable but the real standout of the piece comes from Nega, a courageous, vulnerable and subtle turn that is completely deserving of her recent award nominations and critical praise. 

Loving is a superb film, hugely deserving of its plaudits and praise, Ruth Nega in particular is a definite contender for Best Actress at the Academy Awards at the end of the month, but don’t just take my word for it, see this film if you can and see what all the hype is about.

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