The Butterfly Effect: An Until Dawn review.

Developed by: Supermassive Games.

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment.

Format: PS4 Exclusive.

Yes, I am totally aware that this is quite an old game to review but I think it’s justified, I feel that Until Dawn was massively overlooked upon it release and this is my own small step to readdress the balance as it were.

Until Dawn concerns a group of teenage friends who reconvene at their friend Josh’s cabin in the mountains at his request on the anniversary of the disappearance of his two sisters a year earlier. The group start to reconnect and mend broken bonds of friendship but are they alone?

Until Dawn had a turbulent production, originally intended for release as a Psmove game on PS3, it was pulled and reworked for the PS4. The intervening years of production certainly did the trick as it is a fantastic game. Primarily an action/adventure game at heart, a system of cause & effect called ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is employed to make the game stand out from the crowd and it works brilliantly, any choice you make in game can have positive or negative effect on how your play through progresses. It is a similar idea to that utilised in the equally brilliant Life Is Strange, the idea of consequence in your actions hangs heavy over the game making the player question each decision they make to ensure that the characters survive the night.

It’s also nice that Until Dawn utilises some recognisable acting talent in Heroes Hayden Panettiere, constantly supurb acting stalwart Peter Stormare and a pre-Mr Robot Rami Malek, all delivering strong performances. The animation for the actors on the whole is very good but can be a little awkward at times. Considering Supermassive had to essentially rebuild Until Dawn from the ground up, they did an exemplary job, it’s all too common these days for broken or unfinished games to make their way onto the shelves, Supermassive have done themselves proud with their efforts.

Until Dawn is a game worthy of your time, particularly if you are a fan of horror movies. Much of story and scares owe to classic horror movies, they are in Until Dawn’s DNA and utilised to near perfection. So enjoyable is the game and it’s story that you will feasibly play through on more than one occasion to fully explore the possibilities this game has to offer with its challenge of getting all 8 main characters to the end alive. Now that this game has been out for so considerable time you can pick up a copy pretty cheap, the perfect time to take a trip to Blackwood Mountain and experience the horrors that reside there for yourself.

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