2017 BAFTA British Academy Film Awards: My Predictions.

Tonight marks the 2017 BAFTA British Academy Film Awards. I have made a number of predictions for select categories in which I have seen the most performances and observed the craft going into said films. Whether I am on the ball or not, who knows. Award ceremonies have a knack of surprising, elating and disappointing with their outcomes, but these are the people and films I think should win.

Best Cinematography 

  • Linus Sandgren: LaLa Land
  • Seamus McGarvey: Nocturnal Animals
  • Giles Nuttgens: Hell or high water
  • Greg Fraser: Rogue One
  • Bradford Young: Arrival 

Winner: Linus Sandgren.

For the absolutely astonishing work on LaLa Land, I think this belongs to Sandgren. Very strong contention from Seamus McGarvey and Bradford Young however. A close one I think.

Best Film music

  • Justin Hurwitz: LaLa Land.
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson: Arrival.
  • Micachu: Jackie.
  • Dustin O’Halloran: Lion.
  • Abel Korzeniowski: Nocturnal Animals.

Winner: Justin Hurwitz.

I will be astounded if LaLa Land doesn’t walk away with this award. It seems pretty cut and dry to me to be honest, it’s just too good a body of work to not take the nod.

Best Direction

  • Damien Chezelle: LaLa Land.
  • Denis Villeneuve: Arrival.
  • Kenneth Lonnergan: Manchester By The Sea.
  • Ken Loach: I, Daniel Blake.
  • Tom Ford: Nocturnal Animals.

Winner: Damien Chezelle.

I will be very surprised if either my choice of Damien Chezelle or Kenneth Lonnergan do not walk away with this award. The fairytale story would of course be Ken Loach but as a realist, I don’t see it happening with so much strong contention in this category.

Rising Star

  • Tom Holland.
  • Anya Taylor-Joy.
  • Ruth Nega.
  • Lucas Hedges.
  • Laia Costa.

Winner: Ruth Nega.

I think there are many fine actors in this category, Tom Holland and Anya Taylor-Joy in particular are fantastic. However, there are two in the running for winner in this category, Lucas Hedges, fantastic in Manchester By The Sea & Ruth Nega’s performance in Loving was exemplary and a clear signal of great things to come for this young actress. I believe the award should go to Ruth Nega as her work in Loving was astounding and it would be one of my biggest upsets of the night if she doesn’t take the gong.

Best Actor In A Supporting Role.

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Nocturnal Animals.
  • Mahershala Ali: Moonlight.
  • Jeff Bridges: Hell Or High Water.
  • Dev Patel: Lion.
  • Hugh Grant: Florence Foster Jenkins.

Winner: Dev Patel.

For me, this award is Dev Patel’s. His work on Lion was brilliant and highly deserving of the nod. Wouldn’t mind it going to the equally brilliant turn from Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Nocturnal Animals either but I think it has Dev written all over it.

Best Actress In A Supporting Role.

  • Naomie Harris: Moonlight.
  • Michelle Williams: Manchester By The Sea.
  • Viola Davis: Fences.
  • Hayley Squires: I, Daniel Blake.
  • Nicole Kidman: Lion.

Winner: Michelle Williams.

This I think will end up in Michelle Williams hands. I can hope for all the glory in the world for I, Daniel Blake and a deserving win for Hayley Squires and will be made up of it is the case. I think it will go to the American though.

Actor in a leading role.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal: Nocturnal Animals.
  • Andrew Garfield: Hacksaw Ridge.
  • Ryan Gosling: LaLa Land.
  • Casey Affleck: Manchester By The Sea.
  • Vigo Mortensen: Captain Fantastic.

Winner: Casey Affleck.

Another close call category. Most people I think will be expecting a win for Ryan Gosling for LaLa Land, which I would be pleased with but I believe the award belongs to Casey Affleck for his outstanding performance in Manchester By The Sea.

Actress In A Leading Role.

  • Emma Stone: LaLa Land.
  • Meryl Streep: Florence Foster Jenkins.
  • Emily Blunt: The Girl On The Train.
  • Natalie Portman: Jackie.
  • Amy Adams: Arrival.

Winner: Emma Stone.

This award is going to be another hard fought one. Could easily go to Streep, Portman or Adams but I believe Emma Stone will pip them all to the post after her wonderful turn in LaLa Land.

Best British Film.

  • Denial.
  • American Honey.
  • Under The Shadow.
  • Notes On Blindness.
  • I, Daniel Blake.
  • Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them.

Winner: I, Daniel Blake.

This one is pretty much in the bag in my opinion, I,Daniel Blake will take this award. Part of me would be happy with Under The Shadow taking the award but I doubt that will happen. I, Daniel Blake was my number 1 film of last year and deserves this award massively in my opinion.

Best Film.

  • LaLa Land.
  • Arrival.
  • Moonlight.
  • I, Dianel Blake.
  • Manchester By The Sea.

Winner: Manchester By The Sea.

Every film in this category could easily walk away with this award, it may well be the most closely fought of the night, possibly a three horse race between LaLa Land, Arrival and Manchester By The Sea. A part of me really wants the glorious underdog story of I, Daniel Blake taking the gold but a realistic choice would probably be Manchester By The Sea.


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