A Kill List review.

Directed By: Ben Wheatley.

Starring: Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, MyAnna Buring.

Ben Wheatley is a director who has carved out quite the diverse career, one with its fair share of praise. His second feature Kill List is a film deserving of such attention.

A soldier returns home from a traumatic tour of duty in Eastern Europe and is convinced by an old friend to operate as a hired killer. Suffering terrible flashbacks and mood swings proving problematic to his new job, carrying out a series of hits for a shadowy employer who’s motives remain to be seen.

Great performances are delivered from the cast. Neil Maskell as the traumatised & disturbed ex-soldier Jay, with unresolved issues from a tour of duty gone awry is fanstastic, at once sympathetic and terrifying when losing himself in his rage. Regular Wheatley collaborator Michael Smiley is also excellent as fellow hitman Gal, full of charm, wit and humour to hide the guise of a professional killer.

This film, for those appreciative of Wheatley’s other work will find themselves in familiar territory with his skewed take on a crime thriller come horror movie delivered only as the great man himself can. Kill List is a fiercely original, surreal and violent affair, a story with enough intrigue to keep the viewer invested until it’s completely unhinged denouement.

If you are a fan of homegrown independent cinema, are a fan of crime thrillers & tightly wound horror with a surreal twist, look no further, Ben’s got you covered with one of the most impressive and original British Horror films in years.

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