The Boys Of Summer: A Everybody Wants Some! review.

Directed by: Richard Linklater.

Starring: Will Brittain, Zoey Deutch, Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechin, Blake Jenner, Glen Powell.

Like most people of my generation, we were fans of Richard Linklater’s brilliant coming of age comedy Dazed & Confused. This 1993 comedy had tremendous heart & warmth, was responsible of launching the careers of many of its now impressively high-profile cast and affectionately captured the joyful exuberance of youth run wild. I was stoked to hear that Linklater intended to direct a ‘spiritual sequel’ to Dazed, Everybody Wants Some! certainly deserves that plaudit.

It is 1980 and the week before college starts, before the young students of a Texan college embark on the next step of their educational journey. Not before however, they settle into campus life, co-habitation and the most important part of college life, hard partying.

Everybody Wants Some! really is the spiritual successor to Dazed & Confused. It has the same vein of warmth and good humour, another kick-ass soundtrack and an ensemble cast that gel brilliantly (thankfully no acting is as woeful as Wiley Wiggins this time round). As with Dazed, there is no solid storyline, we the viewer feel as though we are simply following the students through the early days of their higher education and all that goes in hand with that, hazing, ballbreaking, bonding, partying and reminding us of the feeling of embarking on a new chapter in our lives, that sense of freedom, of endless possibilities, of life just beginning, it is joyfully conveyed by Linklater yet again.

As with Dazed, the cast of Everybody Wants Some! are fairly unknown but expertly picked, they gel and bounce of each other wonderfully and genuinely feel like college buddies. Unlike Dazed & Confused there isn’t really a weak link in the principal cast. In that film, Wiley Wiggins was woefully miscast and actually made me angry with his overacting and ‘smell the fart acting’ facial expressions, all the worse that he was a main character. No such concerns this time round, whether they will enjoy the same level of success as some of their predecessors remains to be seen.

If you like the films of Richard Linklater and adored Dazed & Confused as much as I did as a teenager, you are in for an absolute treat. Everybody Wants Some! came exactly as promised, a film worthy of being mentioned alongside one of the best teen comedies of the 90’s. Get some!

Everybody Wants Some! is currently available to stream via Amazon Prime Video.

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