All Killer, No Filler: A I Am Not A Serial Killer review.

Directed by: Billy O’Brien.

Starring: Max Records, Laura Fraser, Christopher Lloyd.

I am in a habit of being enamoured by independent releases as of late, invariably they have been more impressive than some of the big studio features I have checked out. I may find one on a streaming service and give it a whirl, I may hear through word of mouth to check something out and I must say, seeing a film is an independent release actually makes me a little more excited these days. Is that snobby and slightly hipster of me? Possibly, does that make my observation any less accurate? From my recent batch of indie viewings, I’d argue not. The latest to pass my gaze is the provocatively titled I Am Not A Serial Killer.

John Wayne Cleaver is a diagnosed sociopath, he has developed coping mechanisms to curb his homicidal impulses and attends regular therapy sessions. When a spate of killings occur, John begins to investigate who, or should that be what is behind the horror that is gripping his hometown.

Firstly, I Am Not A Serial Killer is a startlingly original film, it isn’t predictable by any measure, that can be attested to within its opening 30 minutes and you think you have a handle on what this film will be and it immediately throws you a curve. An interesting amalgam of slasher flick, supernatural horror with a sprinkling of black comedy, it’s an instantly enticing prospect and a very welcome change to the current trend of boring and unoriginal horror that is churned out without due thought. This film is testament that an independently made film with a modest budget can display more vision and willing risk than a larger studios conveyor belt dynamic to modern horror.

The principal cast of this film are very good. Max Records delivers a decent performance of a young man struggling to contain his impulses and manages to make something that could have been quite caricature, sympathetic and believable. The ever wonderful Christopher Lloyd has quite a reservered and measured role in this film, something that is quite refreshing to see from him, a sense of world wearyness coupled with a desire to live for his beloved wife presents a really interesting dichotomy for the character he is portraying that is a million miles away from the roles we are used to seeing him in. Scottish actress Laura Fraser is on hand as John’s mother, a role that sees her having to deal hand in hand being a mother to John and also being concerned for his condition and how he could possibly slip at any moment.

I really enjoyed I Am Not A Serial Killer, it was an interesting proposition that drew me in to ultimately surprise me with its brilliant originality, wonderful performances and bravely to walk a different line to regular cookie cutter horror. 

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