Fright Train: A Train To Busan review.

Directed by: Yeon Sang-Ho

Starring: Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Su-an.

The Zombie genre is one that is ever changing and pardon the pun, refuses to die. To keep its rotting cadaver fresh, new ideas and situations are injected into it to provide vitality. They made us laugh in Shaun Of The Dead, ran in 28 days later, went all found footage in Rec and with Train To Busan we now have……Zombies on a train! Please stay with me, it’s much better than it sounds.

After an infection that renders its hosts rabid sweeps through South Korea, a group of survivors find themselves trapped on a bullet train destined for the safe city of Busan. This particular train ride however is filled with terror, suspicion and the undead.

Train To Busan has thrills, moments to drop the jaw and quicken the pulse and an outright rarity in the zombie genre, originality. It’s a simple idea, one that may sound utterly ridiculous on paper but putting the ravenous undead in the confined environment of a train was an absolutely inspired choice in practice. It makes for a tight, claustrophobic and chaotic setting for a zombie outbreak, throw in some genuine innovation and surprising moments of heartfelt emotion and Train To Busan becomes more than the sum of its parts, it becomes refreshingly different. The principle characters in the film are actually afforded some development rather than being disposable, screaming zombie fodder and this allows us, the audience to become more invested in their plight, it makes the fear more real in unreal circumstances.

The zombies in Train To Busan are an amalgam of your traditional gut-muncher, Danny Boyles speedier variety and a new facet unique to these particular zombies, they are primarily driven by sight allowing for some tense sequences of our heroes trying to navigate through carriages teeming with zombies as the train passes through the darkness of railway tunnels, it’s incredibly inventive, works beautifully and keeps the tension at unbearable levels, in a REALLY good way. There is some real spectacle to be had with Busans zombies, their shear numbers collapsing and trampling over one another to reach their pray, one sequence in particular in a apparently safe railway station is one of the stand out points of the whole film for WTF factor. Really, really impressive stuff.

Train To Bursan is utterly fantastic, if you are a fan of zombie movies and inventive horror, you are in for an absolute treat with this film. It will thrill you, The unbearable tension at times will have you on edge of your seat and as it nears its end it will also tug on your heartstrings for good measure. WATCH. THIS. FILM!!! Awesome.

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