Loving You Is Killing Me: Introducing Creeper.

There is a long history of horror influenced, theatrically inclined bands, bands with a taste for the macabre and the ambition to push the envelope just a little further than their contemporaries. These kinds of bands have always struck a chord with me because in essence they are predominantly made up of horror nerds, outsiders with a vision and the drive to see it to fruition, more often than not they are also vilified as much as they are adored and slapped with lazy, Ill conceived monikers like ‘Emo’ or ‘Goth’ which usually bare no resemblance to the music they play. A lot of these bands hail from the other side of the pond but the latest to grab my attention comes from none other than Southampton. The band are appropriately called Creeper.

Formed in 2014, this punk sextet put out 3 EP’s in the space of 2 years, 2014’s Creeper and 2015’s The Callous Heart & The Stranger. These EP’s along with a impassioned live presence stoked an interest in the band that has gained great momentum in the past 3 years and various media outlets describing them as ‘the next big thing’, without wanting to contribute to hyperbole, there is still undoubtedly something special about this band. The influences are apparent, A love of horror movies is clear to see in their presentation, music videos and in their music itself. Listen to Creeper and you will most certainly hear the influences in their music, The Misfits, AFI, The Damned, Alkaline Trio, The Early output of My Chemical Romance, it is all very clear to spot but not so prevalent to make them a facsimile of any one of those bands, they are very much themselves.

The band has garnered a success in their first 3 years that many would hope to reach in a much longer period of time making music. There is a drive and a chemistry that makes them stand out from the pack and a sense of theatricality and verve that has been sorely missing from modern music. Their 3 EP’s and upcoming album Eternity Of Your Arms form a concept of otherworldliness and prevailing mystery surrounding their hometown and a character that can almost be seen as their mascot, The Stranger, a cloaked being with a deathly pallor that has graced many of their music videos and promo materials. It’s this level of creativity that sets them apart from the pack, that has made people take notice alongside a frankly formidable, high quality body of work for so young a band.

This month see’s the release of Eternity In Your Arms and a headline UK tour to support its release and if the reception of their prior material is anything to go by, Creeper are in for a very good year.


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