Salad with that?: A K-Shop review.

Directed by: Dan Pringle.

Starring: Ziad Abaza, Reece Noi, Ewen Macintosh

Occasionally, only occasionally mind, a horror film comes along that tries just that little bit harder than your average slasher fare to inject a layer of social commentary to its bloodshed, low budget British indie thriller K-Shop is one of those films.

The son of a Southend Kebab shop owner strives to better his lot in life my studying for his university degree whilst working part time in his fathers ailing restaurant. When his father dies after an altercation with some drunk club goers, he finds a novel solution to the restaurants woes and his own need for revenge.

Operating like a modern day Sweeney Todd along with acting as a damning indictment of ‘Binge Britain’, K-Shop approaches it’s audience with a very knowing wink. In some small sick way you root for Salah, a young man disgusted by the people his father had to deal with on a regular basis and driven to revenge fuelled madness by the selfsame people who he sees responsible for his fathers demise, the binge drinkers, the morons you see on any street corner on a Saturday night in any town in the U.K. fighting amongst themselves and passers by, “The Ignorant feeding off the Ignorant” as he puts it himself, quite literally as the film progresses.

It’s not a film without its flaws, it is about 30 minutes too long and suffers from a loss of direction and pace because of this but what it succeeds in doing quite well is delivering some genuinely gruesome effects, some worthy and thought provoking social commentary and some quite clever comic asides, such as Salah propping up his wonky cutting bench with a copy of Henry Kissinger’s ‘Displomacy’, darkly comic observations of the British social condition and our countries baffling love affair with getting off our faces and fighting one another and our own racial prejudices.

If you have a couple of hours to spare and fancy watching a home grown horror flick with a dash of biting satire on British binge culture and with a little more about itself than just slice n dice gore, you could do a lot worse.


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