Re-evaluating Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

At the end of Twin Peaks second season fans were left wondering what would become of Agent Dale Cooper, was he truly lost to The Black Lodge? destined for his Bob-piloted doppelgänger to live his life in the real world? It was soon announced that there would be a film shortly after the end of the second, and what many believed to be final series. The film wasn’t a continuation of that cliffhanger, instead people were given a bleak, beguiling window into the last week of Laura Palmers life, it was not a popular choice. Booed at the Cannes film festival and receiving negative reviews from critics. Still, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is most certainly a film worthy of revisiting now season 3 is upon us.

Fire Walk With Me arrived to such unfair and disrespectful derision that looking back on it now that everyone is fawning for it once more is all the more irritating. Fire Walk With Me seemed to bother viewers on multiple levels, it wasn’t the cosy, familiar Twin Peaks we knew from TV with its moments of surreal, idiosyncratic humour mingled with the mystery, this was a much darker, much more serious and harrowing story of a girl tormented and damaged beyond all comprehension slowly falling apart on camera before her untimely and disturbing demise, there was nothing familiar or friendly about this distressing window into the last 7 days of this young ladies life and it put off cinema goers and Twin Peaks fans in droves. 

Rightfully, Fire Walk With Me has enjoyed a deserved renaissance with the announcement of season 3, eager fans revisiting and finding new facets of story they were too blinded by their displeasure to see previously. What is the story behind the ring baring the symbol of The Black Lodge? Where had Philip Jeffries been for the intervening time he was missing and will he return? Does Jeffries now have some kind of connection to The Lodge and is there more to his reaction to Cooper “Who do you think this is there?”, What is a Blue Rose case? Watching Fire Walk With Me all these years later with knowledge that a new series is on our screens certainly makes one evaluate the film a little closer and with a few of the aforementioned things already mentioned in season 3, maybe it’s time more people revisited this unfairly lambasted work of genius.

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