Wondrous!: A Wonder Woman review.

Directed by: Patty Jenkins.

Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen.

Plot: Amazonian princess Diana lives with her people on a secluded island, shielded from the rest of the world until American pilot Steve Trevor crash lands pursued by German soldiers informing her of the war that rages on in the outside world. Diana, convinced she can help leaves with Steve for the horrors of war torn Europe.

The DC cinematic universe has not had a smooth journey since inception, middling to poor critical response for its recent output backed by fan-boy ire, some unfairly I feel, has cast doubt on its future. Then something happens, something that the cinema going public we’re not expecting, maybe something the DCCU wasn’t even expecting. Wonder Woman to the rescue!

Wonder Woman is excellent, now possibly a lot of people were not expecting that, maybe even some didn’t want that to be the case which makes me all the more happy to report to the contrary. After a exposition heavy first half, the necessary evil of the origin story and into the film proper, Wonder Woman is an exceptional action flick and an incredibly good comic book movie. Gal Godot shines as the titular hero pretty much as she did in her minimal screen time in Batman Vs Superman, now with her own movie and story to tell, Godot makes the character well and truly her own and in the process gives the world a positive, inspirational screen hero for children and adults alike to look up to. Some decent support is offered by the likes of Chris Pine, Danny Huston, David Thewlis & Ewan Bremner.

Wonder Woman cements itself well in the annuls of superhero movies as one of the better examples of the genre. Its exposition is necessary but not too tiresome, eased along by some truly stunning visuals of Themyscria and particularly the living painting storybook sequence to set the plot. It resists the urge to throw other DCCU superheroes by placing the setting during WWI and firmly allowing Godot’s Wonder Woman centre stage. When we get into the major action sequences of the film, Wonder Woman truly comes to life particularly during the No Man’s Land sequence. 

Wonder Woman excels where it needs to providing an eminently thrilling & watchable superhero film and also providing the DCCU with its first almost across the board critical hit, a trend that I hope will continue when the character returns to our cinema screens later this year for Justice League. Based on the success this film has been, Justice League has an awful lot to live up to.


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