Top 5 Director Series: Sam Rami.

He may be a director renowned widely, depending on your generation, for one series of films but Sam Rami has enjoyed a varied and impressive career. From horror to comedy via pit stops in the genres of Westerns & Neo-noir, Rami was not afraid throughout this career to scratch any genre itch that took his fancy and with predominately positive results. Here is my personal Top 5 Sam Rami films, but first my honourable mention is….

Honourable Mention: The Quick And The Dead.

Sam Rami’s obvious love of Westerns shines through in this daftly enjoyable offering from 1995, not perfect by a long shot but it is a lot of fun.

5: Darkman.

Rami tried his hand at comicbook-style superhero shenanigans long before he directed Spider-Man, evidenced by this dark slice of pulp noir from 1990. Also boasts Liam Neeson on bad-ass duties long before the Taken franchise.

4: Drag Me To Hell.

Rami pops his Evil Dead hat back on for this effective slice of demonic horror from 2009. The ever inventive scares are present but feel really fresh after a sustained gap from directing a horror flick.

3: The Evil Dead.

The one that started it all. This shoestring horror from 1981 is one of the most notorious and revered horror films of the latter part of the 20th century. Tied into the “video nasty” witch hunt didn’t do it any damage, it helped to make it legendary.

2: Spider-Man 2.

Rami returned to the webslinger with this offering from 2002. Everything he learnt from his first outing was refined, polished and all around improved for what still stands as one of the best superhero films of the early 00’s in my opinion.

1: Evil Dead 2.

Rami made a return to the Evil Dead in 1987 with this sequel to or some may argue, remake of his original film. Instead of solely going down the horror route, Rami instead played up to his strengths and those of his leading man, Bruce Campbell by making Dead By Dawn a slapstick, almost screwball Horror-comedy. It was the right choice.


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