Tagged & Bagged: A The Autopsy Of Jane Doe review.

Directed by: André Øvredal.

Starring: Brian Cox, Emile Hirsch, Opheia Lovibond, Olwen Kelly.

Plot: A body of a young, Unidentified woman arrives in the father & son coroners office of the Tildens. She was discovered buried in the basement of a house whose occupants were all found dead. As they begin the autopsy of this ‘Jane Doe’ a series of strange and unaccountable things begin to occur.

It is something I have said before in my reviews, it is hard to find something truly original to be presented to you in film these days, doubly so in the horror genre. A little while a go I heard word of mouth on an upcoming horror film that piqued my interest in that is sounded like a pretty original concept, that film was The Autopsy Of Jane Doe.

The concept is a sound one, hitting all the right notes to intrigue, revolt and unnerve. The autopsy scenes require a strong stomach but add to the mystery of the film superbly with some very impressive physical effects work on ‘Jane Doe’. As things in the morgue start to take a turn for the unusual, the film really stakes it’s place as an effective modern horror. As the strange incidents rack up, your nerves will become more frayed, held together by the compelling mystery evolving onscreen and some wonderful performances. The minimal cast shoulder the burden of carrying the film well, the ever wonderful Brian Cox bringing some class and gravitas to the proceedings as the probing coroner, ably backed by Emile Hersch as his trainee and son. Olwen Kelly as ‘Jane Doe’ does nothing more than lie prone for the duration of the film but provides a presence that is mesmerising and unnerving as events start to unfold.

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe ticks all the boxes for me, it is sufficiently original in concept, has an ongoing mystery that keeps the film compelling throughout its duration and along with some strong performances and impressive effects work adds up to an effective chiller that I would wholeheartedly endorse, may not be one for those of a sensitive disposition and weak stomach though.


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