Pinfall: A GLOW Season 1 review.

I was completely unaware of the existence of GLOW up until a trailer for the series appeared whilst I was finishing up the latest season of Orange Is The New Black. GLOW is a fictional comedy/drama based on the real life women’s wrestling promotion that rose to prominence in the early 80’s. A failed b-movie director is called in to man the production of an all women’s wrestling promotion by a wealthy investor, he holds a casting call for local actresses who don’t quite know what they are letting themselves in for.

GLOW, like the aforementioned Orange Is The New Black perfectly marries comedy & drama with an exceptional ensemble cast and also some recognisable faces from the world of professional wrestling for the eagle-eyed fan. Alison Brie of Community fame & Betty Gilpin make for strong leads, likeable but flawed, funny but not irritating, fans of mid-00’s British indie pop may recognise Kate Nash offering a strong support turn and the excellent stand-up comedian Marc Maron is consistently a high point of the whole season as the ladies embittered, sardonic ‘director’. GLOW will no doubt attract fans of professional wrestling and they will be well catered for with industry in-jokes, guest appearances from the likes of John Morrison, Brodus Clay, Joey Ryan and Alex Riley to lend some credible realism to proceedings. The cast perform really well in ring to be fair, they aren’t WWE standard performers but they carry themselves well in the ring and add some much appreciated authenticity.

With a lot to prove in its inaugural season, GLOW hits the ground running and powerbombs its way in to your heart. It is funny, surprisingly affecting at times and wonderfully written and performed to be appealing to both wrestling fans and to fans of deftly delivered dramatic comedy. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

GLOW can currently be streamed on Netflix.


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