Look Out!: A Spider-man: Homecoming review.

Directed by: Jon Watts.

Starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Tyne Daly, Marissa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr.

Plot: After his showdown with Captain America’s divigent Avengers, Peter Parker starts to get to grips with his persona as Spider-man and the risk that comes hand in hand with it.

Before the unveiling of Captain America: Civil War in 2016, the news broke that a deal had been reached between Sony, who owned the film rights to Spider-man, & Marvel Studios to allow the web slinger to appear along side his other Marvel cohorts onscreen. A million fanboys whooped in unison as Spideys cinematic output under Sony had been patchy at best, now was Marvels turn to handle him and give him new cinematic life. His appearance in Civil War was well met and Tom Holland received praise for his performance, how would he fair carrying his own film though?

Very well it would seem. Spider-man’s first screen outing under the Marvel Studios banner is a resounding success. Coming back to the Marvel fold as allowed their team of writers and super producer Kevin Feige to come up with something pretty darn excellent. Yes, this is ANOTHER Spider-man reboot, but most importantly it is a reboot that actually works across the board, no weak links or over egging of the pudding, it is absolutely spot on and I couldn’t be happier. Their are many a cameo appearance from other Marvel characters, we get not one but two incarnations of The Shocker, Prowler, Hobgoblin (if Parkers BFF Ned is actually Ned Leeds) and a brief appearance by Mac Gargan. They may not be massively noticeable character cameos but totally add to the feel of the film when you spot them.

Tom Holland completely owns the role, he is goofy without being overly annoying, utterly believes as Parker & Spider-man and bounces superbly off his supporting cast particularly Michael Keaton’s Vulture, again a lesser known villain from the rogues gallery but one that work great in the context in which he has been placed and with an actor with the chops that Keaton has, it was a work of genius on the casting front. We also have the perennially overlooked Marisa Tomei taking over the role of Aunt May, played younger than she ever has been but done so well by Tomei. We also get great extended cameos from Marvel stalwarts such as Jon Favreau & Robert Downey Jr to cement the background of Spidey now being firmly in the MCU which is a nice touch.

Spider-man: Homecoming is a resounding success that bodes very well for the Sony/Marvel deal and future appearances of the character in the MCU. Homecoming is engaging, well written, superbly cast and above all, it’s massively fun and without a shadow of a doubt, the strongest Spider-man film since Sam Rami’s Spider-man 2, perhaps even surpassing it, time will tell with repeated viewings. Already proving this latest incarnation of the character bounces well off the current crop of Marvel characters he’s appeared with, I can’t wait to see his inclusion in the forthcoming Infinity Wars films and appearing alongside a greater cast of the MCU.


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