You Know His Name: My thoughts on Daniel Craig returning to the Bond role.

Following the release of 2015’s Spectre, a question mark hung over whether Daniel Craig had any intention in staying in the much coveted role of 007. During press for that film, a apparently unhappy Craig was said to have remarked that he would “rather slit his wrists” than return as Bond and implied that a return would be purely for the money. After much rumour and conjecture regarding the future of the series and indeed the starring role, Craig decided to break his silence. During an interview with Steven Colbert on The Late Show in the U.S. Craig revealed that despite his remarks following Spectre’s release, he will indeed be returning as Bond one more time.

During his tenure as the spy, Craig has truly made his mark in the role in my opinion, going from strength to strength with each successive turn and adding some darkness and depth to the role that hasn’t been present since the short lived reign of Timothy Dalton. Before his casting, Bond films had hit the doldrums with the likes of the lacklustre World Is Not Enough and the utterly lamentable Die Another Day muddying the usual top notch quality of the series, Craig’s arrival was well timed, much needed and breathed new life into the part and garnered much critical praise and commercial success for the franchise though by the time of hitting the promotional run for Spectre, his 3rd outing in the role, it could be said that the cracks were beginning to show. I primarily believe this to be a case of the guy feeling burnt out, coming out of an arduous shoot and then having to promote the thing, answering the same tired questions again and again took its toll and Craig snapped and uttered some ill advised and not very well thought out words on his future in the role. I’m not sure that I truly believe Craig felt that way about his role as Bond, just rather that he needed a break, he needed to decompress and was having a bad time slogging through promo, I can’t blame him for that, I’d probably feel the same truth be told. The sordid question of pay being a factor in his return is almost certainly going to be raised considering his prior comments, he netted $65 million for Spectre so I can only imagine what he will receive for this last outing.

I personally could not be happier to see Daniel Craig take up the mantle one more time even if it is just for the money, he deserves it, he has been utterly fantastic and a close contender for my favourite Bond, though not quite, that will be revealed in an upcoming Top 5 of which I’m already nervous about as someone is going to have to be relegated to an Honourable Mention. With talk of directors such as Christopher Nolan taking the chair for Craig’s last film, the hype is real and most certainly palpable.


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