Top 10 TV shows 2017

2017 has been a great year for television, I’ve viewed new shows that have really impressed me, continuing ones that have drawn me back for more and one particular returning show that has left viewers with a quarter of a century wait for its next instalment, suffice to say, it’s been a year of compelling small screen entertainment at no mistake. Without further ado, here are my Top 10 TV shows of 2017 with a customary honourable mention.

Honourable Mention: Love: Season 2.

Not quite on my top ten of the year, more down to logistics than anything else, it’s been a very strong year again for TV and it just wasn’t quite Top 10 material. The quality of the show which has been impeccably good for its first two seasons which will hopefully continue going forward.

10: Santa Clarita Diet: Season 1.

This new comedy-horror from Netflix regarding a recently deceased housewife who comes back with a taste for human flesh succeeded in its first season in hitting all the right notes with me, a well written, well casted, gruesome little gem that will raise more than a titter from those who’s sense of humour leans more than a little to the dark side of the spectrum.

9: Glow: Season 1.

A new series for 2017 on Netflix, from the team behind Orange Is The New Black, Glow is the story of a group of female wrestlers in the 1980’s and it got off to a remarkably assured start. A mix of drama & humour as with OITNB is the order of the day with Glow and it works brilliantly, can’t wait to see where they go with it in subsequent seasons.

8: Orange Is The New Black: Season 5.

OITNB goes from strength to strength with each season in my opinion, it really does get better each year. Most shows when they hit the 5 year either start to lose a little of their lustre and struggle to maintain their level of success, this is not the case with OITNB who’s continued propensity for taking risks while not sacrificing story or laughs is to be commended.

7: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of unfortunate events: Season 1.

This TV adaptation of the popular series of children’s books, more commonly know to the casual viewer prior as a film staring Jim Carey, makes the jump to the small screen with tremendous confidence and the ability to relate its subject matter more palatably with the luxury of a seasons length rather than the few hours afforded by film.

6: The Good Place: Season 2

I only discovered The Good Place this year thanks to the recommendation of a friend, it’s fantastic. It’s unique view of the afterlife coupled with the gags and talent of its cast has been an utter delight to watch and I eagerly wait to see where it goes from here.

5: Better Call Saul: Season 3

Some have made the bold statement that Better Call Saul is on its way to exceeding the legacy that preceded it with Breaking Bad, I don’t think I quite agree with that just yet as I adored Breaking Bad and it stands as one of my favourite TV shows ever, although, Better Call Saul it getting pretty damn close to it though. Each new season eclipses the one before it and its writing is some of the strongest on TV right now, utterly compelling.

4: American Gods: Season 1

When you are putting together a TV show based around a revered piece of modern literature with an avid fan base, you better hope you get it right. Thankfully that is most certainly the case with this adaptation of Neil Gaimen’s American God’s. Everything with this first season felt right, well adapted, well cast and almost universally well received. Can’t wait for the roll out of its second season.

3: Stranger Things: Season 2

Stranger Things entered its much awaited second season this year and it is sometimes a worry when an immensely popular show enters its sophomore season wether it can keep up with the publics lofty expectations, Stranger Things managed just that, wonderfully. It builds upon its strong start, expands its mythos and expands upon the relationships between its characters while also offering something different from its first season. Here’s hoping it can keep this up as its third season was recently announced.

2: Game Of Thrones: Season 7

I have been watching GOT consistently since season 4, a late comer admittedly but it has held me in its sway ever since. Now reaching its 7th season the feeling of all the stories building toward their climax is palpable and resulted in perhaps one of its most thrilling and action packed seasons to date. With only one more season to go before it ends completely, I am very happy with the way the story is developing in these late stages and can’t wait for its epic conclusion.

1: Twin Peaks: Season 3

Better late than never. Twin Peak Season 3 (or The Return if you prefer) split public opinion wide open this year with its return to our TV screens some 26 years after its second season. It hasn’t lost any of its insane invention, mind-bending narrative or off-the-wall performances, if anything all the above were dialled up to eleven for this season which was nothing short of a joy for Twin Peaks fans or indeed fans of challenging TV drama in general. As with Lynch’s best work, this is art as entertainment, left hugely to viewer interpretation and not forthcoming was all the answers sought. It has been a beguiling, brain-f**king joy to have had Twin Peaks back and it sits head & shoulders above all else as my Top TV show of 2017.


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